Stirring My Soul #1

Stirring My Soul #1-2

Well, hi there! So, I’d like to introduce you to my new weekly blog series called Stirring My Soul. These posts will be a collation of things in the past week that have made me pause in the moment and made my heart feel expanded with love or joy or wonder or gratitude. I’m aiming to publish a new post each Wednesday morning so definitely set a calendar reminder to check in at my blog every Wednesday lunch hour. I’ll aim to have some nourishing goodness waiting for your soul to come rest upon. Deal??

OK. Without any further ado & other whatnots, I present to you five things in the past week that produced a movement at the soul station (yes, I just referenced Banjo Patterson):

Rain in my backyard

Do you know the definition of the world pluviophile? It is me. Someone who utterly adores rain. Ahhhhh… rain. The sound of it makes the world feel softer, does it not? The touch as it lands on your skin feels like home – if you let it. In the middle of last week, Brisbane was treated to two consecutive days & nights of this cleansing, purifying wonder. Waking up to the sound of rain is the most nurturing & gentle way to enter your day. Rain never ceases to stop me in my tracks, gently commanding me to soak up its simple serenity. People say, “Oh, I love the rain, but only when I’m inside!” To those people, I say live a little! Get out & into your backyard – BAREFOOT – feel the grass literally in between each of your toes, and feel each delightful little raindrop as it kisses your skin. Do it. Totally do it! (& then report back to me. #pluviophile)

The posse of kookaburras on a tree branch in my backyard this morning

There were approximately six of them. They offered up their usual boisterous & life-loving tune (you know the one) and for a moment, I felt marginally special that they’d chosen my backyard for that morning’s debut performance. I crept inside to retrieve my camera, and just as if one of them wised up & whispered, “She’s gonna go full Instagram on us – let’s split!”, the branch was bare when I returned. All that remains of this serendipitous moment is the memory… & this blog post about the memory. (Kookaburras: 1 / Rachael: 0)

(imagine a photo here of some cheeky kookaburras on a tree branch)

Food & the eating of it

More specificially, nutrition. And looking at food as medicine. Fuelling our li’l internal ecosystems consciously & mindfully with flavoursome morsels jam-packed with powerful nutrition. Common sense to a lot of folks but something I’ve only really become mindful of in the past year and something I’ve only started to take consistent action on in the past month. I’m on a delicious new learning curve & path of intuitive eating, and the scales are moving in a downwards direction. Amazing what happens when you start approaching all actions in your life from the intention of self-love. Diet is a 4-letter word in my world. Do not want. Get it away from me!

Oh, just a li’l fresh, crunchy, delicious salad I whipped up.

Sunday baking sessions in the kitchen

While the words “quit” & “sugar” aren’t a steadfast rule in my world, the absence of refined sugar has occurred incidentally in the past month. I care not whether you like or dislike her, but I purchased a Sarah Wilson cookbook (this one) purely because of the range of nutrition-dense & tasty-looking recipes. I wanted to inject some of that into my food choices. I’ve already road-tested a handful of the recipes and the photo above is evidence of a recent Sunday arvo bake-off for 1. I was a little bit impressed with myself.. & with Sarah’s cookbook, too. I’ll likely buy another, soon.

(All from Sarah’s cookbook mentioned above.) From the top: Chocolate Coco-Nutty Granola Clusters (I accidentally burnt it – only a little though – but it was still a delicious treat sprinkled over 2 – 3 tablespoons of creamy, full-fat Greek yoghurt & a teaspoon of rice malt syrup drizzled on top); Paleo Inside-Out Bread (deliciously savoury & my current morning tea favourite); Raw Breakfast Balls (peanutty-coconutty yumminess – a good breakfast time-saver if you’ve hit the snooze button five times. Not that I’ve ever done that.)
Seriously. This loaf.

Kiss Me Out of Desire (blog)

Daile challenged herself, & then us, to answer the following question: What do I like about being a woman? Indeed. I had to, somewhat surprisingly, search within for a good hour or so before an authentic answer came to the fore. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that it took me that long to navigate the answer within myself. You can read my answer here, but make sure you go back to the original post of the blog series (here) and work your way through reading a bunch of other rad ladies’ answers to this never-asked question. The replies are enlightening & feel life-affirming. This will be an ongoing series on Daile’s blog, so perhaps ponder this question yourself & if you feel moved to, shoot your heartfelt words through to Daile for inclusion on her fabulous blog.

Untitled design-31


So, THANK YOU, for reading the first of my weekly blog series – Stirring My Soul.

What stirred your soul in the past week? (I do not bite unless you ask me to & I would dearly LOVE to hear your comments in the section below. Let’s chat!)

With love & a healthy-portioned side-serve of gratitude,



18 thoughts on “Stirring My Soul #1

  1. What a beautiful post Rachael – I also LOVE the rain, especially being tucked up inside with it pouring outside. I’ve never heard of ‘pluviophile’ before, love it!!

    Stirring my soul this week – a beautiful Saturday with a dear friend, my flatmate’s roast lamb dinner treat, energy healing, writing, a shift in energy, an awesome sunrise walk along the beach, new revelations and chocolate! So much gratitude <3

    1. Amy: in my opinion it never rains enough here in Aus. :) Always love to connect with a fellow pluviophile. Thank you for sharing your ‘stirring my soul’ experiences. You always ooze such generosity & gratitude in everything you write so I’m not surprised to hear that your week was interlaced with such delightful things. :)


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