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Hello, you.♡ I’m Rachael, and I’m more than a little bit happy that you’ve found your way to the warm ‘n’ cosy confines of The Soul Blanket.

(nestle in)

Let’s jump in with some goss about me, shall we?

I’m in the very last year of my 30s. I’m in no way scared about turning 40, but there’s something about saying out loud in ten years time I’ll be 50 that makes my soul stand to attention in a very upright way!

Last year, I finally got braces on my teeth after umming and ahhing on it for the past decade. I’m so glad I did. My hope is they’ll be removed by my 40th birthday in October 2015 – universe and lovely orthodonist willing of course.

Also-last-year, I threw in the towel on a well paying job in the legal industry because the work & work environment was in complete disconnect to my soul, sanity & mental health. I was spiralling in a downward trajectory – first stop: Burnout Town. I jumped ship with nothing but a deep, innate feeling on a cellular level, that the universe would have my back. (It did.)

I’m guiltily enjoying my career sabbatical, and currently looking left, right & centre at all the incoming inspiration of new projects I could try my hand at and new courses I could jump into. The world is my oyster and it feels very… expansive. The unknown, it feels… comfortable on me.

I’m child-free by choice but have a sneaking suspicion that the impending birth of my first niece or nephew in late August this year will be one of the most profound spiritual experiences in my life to date.

★ My number one passion is connectedness – within, and amongst.

★ My second favourite passion is travel. Wanderlust is my default setting. Yep.

★ My third favourite passion is writing. (OK, I’ll stop there.)

I’m the oldest granddaughter in my family and I have two “little” sisters (both now grown adults as I type this).

I get excited by a good, heavy, rain storm & dark, moody, thunderous skies, more than I probably should. But I’m totally OK with that.

In the next year or two, I want to get cracking on a backpacking adventure around Australia. I want to get into the outback and camp under night-time skies packed to the brim with twinkling stars & blazing comets, and be simultaneously terrified and lulled by this country’s breathtaking landscape. I also want to have a stint working in an outback pub, one that has beer. (Yes, that was a Slim Dusty reference. Look, my Dad is a fan.)

Six months ago, I fell in love with a cute boy on Twitter who lives 2,000km away (me: Brisbane, him: Canberra). As luck would have it, he fell in love with me too, so now we coordinate our diaries in order to spend time together every 4-6 weeks. So far, so good.

What I will write about

The minutiae of my life… this life… our lives (yours & mine).  The deep stuff, the whimsical stuff – it all amounts to the spectacular grand total of this extraordinary life gig that you & I currently find ourselves on as roadies.  (I love a good analogy, fair warning.)

What I want for The Soul Blanket

A safe place for me to speak my truth and feel the joy of combining two things I love – the subject of soul, & writing.

For you to have a place where you feel heard & held. Because I’ve got a feeling you’ll be providing the same for me. That’s what us humans rock at when we’re at our best, I reckon.

I want The Soul Blanket to facilitate meet-ups with kindred soul sisters who understand and appreciate each other’s lingo & vibe, who quietly cringe at the term woo woo because they know this woo woo stuff is in fact the foundation to being a healthy human in body, mind and soul – the ultimate trifecta. In Brisbane & looking for a coffee buddy? Hit me up – I’d love to meet you. My neighbourhood (West End) makes some of the best cups of coffee in the country. #fact

What I’d like from you

If you feel called to, drop me a line in the comment section of my posts so we can kick-off some connection, understanding and support. Easy peasy.

If you also feel called to, pop your name onto The Soul Blanket mailing list at the bottom of this page so you can be notified of percolating plans for upcoming meet-ups in your (or a nearby) town. Did someone say COFFEE??

Let me know if you have a question relating to something I’ve written about or touched on or that you’d like me to elaborate on, or if you’d like me to delve into an altogether different topic to the one at hand. I want to expand myself and I would be honoured if you felt moved to contribute to this. (Thanks in advance!)

And that’s a wrap! I look forward to discovering your blog and connecting with you. 

Thanks for reading about me.


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