A welcome note… & anchoring into presence


Hey, you – welcome!

I waste no time (and make no apologies) in boldly declaring: my wish is that The Soul Blanket becomes your go-to site every few days of the week and that it entertains you, provokes your thoughts, challenges you, comforts & soothes you. In a nutshell, I want to INSPIRE you to lead an INSPIRED life. Press pause for a moment and really drink in that idea…  leading an inspired life… can you imagine how sublime that would feel? And you know what? It’s totally within our capacity as humans to live that way. So together,  you & I, let’s get busy in showing up right this very second in time, without any further ado. You with me?? (You better be!)

(If you haven’t already, pop over here to my About Me page which will give you a very quippy synopsis of who I am today and what my hopes are for you, me & this blog.)

I’ve pondered what I would write about for this maiden blog post and, as per usual when I look outside myself with a question, I’m very quickly re-routed back closer to home where I find the answer has been sitting patiently all along. So with that pretty much taking the decision process right out of my hands, I decided to write about what’s going on for me today, right at this moment. Makes sense, right?

I’m currently half-way through reading a very popular “self-help” book which I’d fathom a guess to say is on at least 75% of your bookshelves at present. I am enjoying it… but… in the past fortnight, I keep receiving timely reminders and little nudges guiding me back to Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. To start one book prior to finishing another, well that just goes right up against my sometimes-OCD tendencies! But, after what was maybe the 5th or 6th not-so-subtle-nudge, I did a virtual throwing of my hands in the air and responded, “universe – I hear you – calm down already!” So impatient.

So the half-read book will be temporarily relegated to the iBooks backburner and tonight as I jump into bed with a nurturing herbal tea on my bedside table, I will very eagerly open to the first page of this life-changing book to uncover why I’ve been called to read it for what will now be the third time.

I don’t think this book needs any introduction, but just in case you’re hearing of the title for the very first time in this blog post (oh, lucky you!), then I will say this: this book zeroes in on what I believe is the ultimate foundation to being a centred and emotionally resilient human being. I don’t know about you but that’s certainly what I’ve always been seeking, some times more than other times. The words act as pointers, guiding us to recognise our very own conscious presence, and how to anchor that into our daily lives. The words in this book are life-affirming and life-sustaining. I will cease the fan girl review here. (But you’ve simply got to read it if you haven’t already!)

I first read the book in 2010 when I was going through a period of turbulence and upheaval. I got two-thirds of the way through before things started to improve in my life, so one night I put the book down after reading, never to pick it back up (that time around, anyway).

Over the summer of 2013/14, I re-opened the book, this time with the intention of reading its guiding words in a less panicked, life-clutching way. I wanted to take my time time in reading it, to soak up the life-affirming words and make the practise of presence a concrete, unswaying part of my being. Goal: achieved.

Slight detour. Around this time, whilst my self-care practises and spiritual life strengthened on the home front, things were very slowly unravelling in my work life. As you’d no doubt understand why, law firms rarely find themselves on lists with such titles as The World’s Top 10 Zen Locations, but despite that, and for the next 7 months, I focussed on bringing as much zen as humanly possible into my work space. I tried everything bar kidnapping the Dalai Lama, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Seven months later, after jumping that (work) ship – with an accompanying & spectacular bomb-dive (ouchies) – and a further five months from there again as I resurfaced on the other side of burnout recovery, I now feel that I am in the best place mentally & emotionally that I have ever been in my adult life. It’s quite a remarkable feeling, I gotta say.

With an abundance of clarity in front of me, and discarded baggage getting smaller and smaller in my rear view mirror – not to mention the pervading sense of calm that now permeates my days – I’ve decided to re-read The Power of Now with the intention of continuing my current practise of presence and raising its vibration to a notched-up intensity as I stride forward into what I feel will be the most exhiliarating and rewarding chapter of my life yet.

And… breathe out.

I’d love to hear from you – how does presence play a part in your day? What is your go-to portal to access presence when you realise you’ve drifted off path? How did you rate The Power of Now? Please feel very welcome to start a conversation in the comments below.

With gratitude, Rachael

☆ P.S. If you feel that someone you know would enjoy reading this post or discovering The Soul Blanket, I’d be humbled and grateful if you shared this link by using the social media icons below. Thank you. ☆

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